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Since the launch of the first model in 1989, the Rollerball has been a symbol of hair styling in salons around the world. After many years of popularity, Takara Belmont launched the Rollerball F with a new design and high performance, which meets the needs of hairdressers who want to provide their clients with the highest quality services, and who want a modern look for their salon with a new design. Incomparable in its functionality and abstract appeal. It is available in 2 models. Floor or wall version. It has a unique carbon heating element (99.8% pure carbon) with a rotary circuit, offers programmatic or manual control of settings, has the function of selecting 7 temperatures 34-52°C, then the "Pause" function, selection of heat zones, fan for cooling etc. It is also possible to stop the rotation of the circuit to the position as desired and apply a partial thermal treatment with infrared heating. Rollerball F shows its energy most effectively on the highest hydrophilic wave ranges, which fully accelerate chemical reactions in hair coloring.