Project financing

You can finance the project through a transaction account, credit and debit cards and operational leasing.

Operational leasing (legal entities)

It is no longer necessary to spend all your saved money to buy new hairdressing, cosmetic or wellness equipment, as well as accessories! From now on, you can easily rent hairdressing, cosmetic or wellness equipment; hairdressing chairs, pedicure chairs, head washers, air conditioners, sterilizers, hair dryers, hand dryers, irons, hair clippers, curlers...for 12 to 60 months. The minimum value of the equipment/accessories is HRK 10,000 including VAT and is obtained by adding up all devices or equipment on one account.​

  • Rents are treated in accounting as 100% expense and not as a liability.
  • You do not reduce the liquidity and creditworthiness of your company or trade and you do not worsen the credit rating.
  • Without participation in financing, (0% participation).
  • Fixed rent in HRK (without currency clauses, etc.)
  • No change in financing conditions, no currency clause, fixed in HRK.
  • It is not necessary to take out an insurance policy.
  • The cost of processing requests is free of charge for amounts up to HRK 43,750!
  • You pick up the goods immediately (if they do not have to be ordered separately, such as headboards, chairs, etc. in accordance with the terms of the offer)

Simply! Documentation for the assessment of creditworthiness is not required for companies (doo or jdoo), only if you are a trade, then we only need 3 documents. 
An authorized person with only the company stamp and only with an ID card chooses the equipment or accessories he wants to rent and that's it! The decision on financing is made within the same day for amounts up to HRK 187,500. When financing is approved, an operating lease agreement is signed (no notarization of the agreement is required) and you pick up the accessories/equipment immediately or when delivery is agreed upon in accordance with the terms of the offer.

Do not tie up your precious savings in equipment - invest in business development!

  • Putting creditworthiness into the function of money. Make money work for you.
  • Don't have enough funds to finance the entire project? Finance part through leasing and part through your own funds. Furnish the salon as you wish.
  • Without burdening the balance sheet and keeping long-term assets.
  • Without financing costs up to HRK 43,750.00.
  • No currency clause. Fixed agreed installment (rent).
  • Low purchase value or the possibility of re-renting after the end of the first contract.
Leasing calculator

Credit/Debit cards (online)

Card Publisher Installments
Diners Erste Card Club 24
Discover Undefined 1
Maestro PBZ Card 12
Maestro Erste Card Club 12
Maestro Zagrebačka Banka 1
MasterCard PBZ Card 1
MasterCard Erste Card Club 12
MasterCard Zagrebačka Banka 24
Visa PBZ Card 12
Visa Erste Card Club 12
Visa Zagrebačka Banka 24

Credit cards (POS, Consumer credit)

Card Publisher Installments
Diners Erste Card Club 25-36
Visa PBZ Card 24-60
Visa Business PBZ Card 3-24
Master Card Zagrebačka Banka 13-24
Visa Zagrebačka Banka 13-24

*If you choose to pay by card, the price on the offer is increased only by the amount paid by card. Diners 1-60 installments (+6%); PBZ VISA 1-6 installments (+4%), 7+ installments (+7%); ZABA 1-12 installments (+6%), ZABA 13-24 installments (+8%).